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Introducing Dreamers Luxury Shorts - Where Dreams Ignite in Style

Step into the world of bespoke luxury with Dreamers Luxury Shorts, an embodiment of artistry and imagination. Each pair is meticulously cut and sewn, crafted in a unique shape tailored exclusively for the visionary dreamer. Embrace the allure of premium Polyamide Shell print, adorned with a mesmerizing glow effect, an ethereal touch that sets you aglow.

Featuring the iconic Dreamers Hearts Desires Logo delicately placed on the sides, these shorts become a symbol of your aspirations, illuminating your path towards destiny. With two pockets to hold your dreams close, each step you take resonates with purpose and poise.

IBe a part of the Dreamers legacy, where luxury streetwear becomes a canvas for your dreams to manifest. Elevate your style with Dreamers, where each pair of shorts whispers tales of ambition, and every stitch weaves your extraordinary destiny. Dreamers - where fashion transcends and dreams illuminate your path.

Water Resistant

Draw string

Glow in the Dark Print


Shipping & Returns

Shipping 5-12 Days

Glass Pieces made to order Shipping by Courier

Return unworn and unwashed clothing orders within 30 days of ordering.

All Art pieces exchange only apart from select cases.


Prints: Hahnemuhle Printing Paper

Canvas: Pine stretched Cotton Canvas

Artwear: Premium Cotton

Care Instructions

Artwear: Hand/Machine wash cold

Prints/Canvas: Avoid printed area


Dependant on variable

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